Political Craps’ Page is about Best Selling Author Tom Ufert’s controversial book on America’s current political dysfunction.  It makes no difference what your political affiliation is, the facts are simple—politicians today aren’t doing the job we sent them there to do!  With public opinion polls showing the lowest approval ratings in history, the “do nothing congress” needs a wake up call and WE THE PEOPLE have the responsibility of sending it!

Political Craps was written with a single concept in mind—GET INFORMED and GET INVOLVED!

ObamaCare, IRS Scandal, NSA & Privacy, BridgeGate…

Anthony Weiner, Chris Christie, Tom Ford, Bob Filner…

Shutdown vs. Meltdown, Gridlock, TeaParty, Rep. vs. Dem…

Deficits, Lobbyists, Unemployment, Opinion Polls…


They’re all here and it’s all up to you!  Enough is enough and the time for action is now.  Everyone says they’re fed up with partisan rancor, inefficient government, and the “blame game.”  People cry for leadership and apathetically accept the status quo.  In Political CRAPS Author Tom Ufert lays it all out as a former political insider and holds both politicians & voters accountable.   He reminds us all that with freedom comes responsibility and change takes action.


A Government By The People For The People”

 Political Craps Book Cover


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