From One Texan to Another…Sen. Cruz Would You Kindly Move Back to Canada!

From One Texan to Another…Sen. Cruz Would You Kindly Move Back to Canada!.


From One Texan to Another…Sen. Cruz Would You Kindly Move Back to Canada!

Ted Cruz

There are many who support and even hold Texas Senator Ted Cruz in high regard.  I truly respect their opinion and openly defend their inalienable right to do so.  In all probability, many of these well minded supporters will take issue with this blog posting.  However, in all fairness I challenge all readers of this post to read it completely without dismissing it out of hand.  Thoughtfully consider the truthfulness of my assertions and the legitimate reasons for my opinion.

 In the end my point is this…Mr. Cruz, AMERICA NEEDS LEADERS NOT DIVIDERS!  If you can do nothing but spread disinformation, spew vitriolic rhetoric and capitalize on the fears of Americans desperately seeking solutions to advance your own opportunistic ambitions then Delta is ready when you are and I’ll help you pack!, an independent non-partisan and unbiased fact checking entity, carefully reviews the accuracy of institution’s, agencies’ and leader’s public statements in an effort to aid our democratic principle of maintaining an informed citizenry.  Their review of Ted Cruz’s record on 42 public statements is as follows:

The 27 statements that were regarded as Mostly False, False or outright wrong are listed below.

  1. (MOSTLY FALSE) “92 million Americans aren’t working.” If you include high schoolers, senior citizens….
  2. (FALSE) In the 2014 elections, “the American people overwhelmingly said we don’t want Obamacare … and we don’t want amnesty.”  Exit polls say otherwise
  3. (FALSE) “Obama, instead of nominating a health professional, he nominated someone who is an anti-gun activist (for surgeon general).”  He has an M.D. from Yale
  4. (FALSE) ISIS is “right now crucifying Christians in Iraq, literally nailing Christians to trees.”  Without evidence
  5. (FALSE) Says children are coming into the U.S. in “staggering numbers” because  President Barack Obama “has been promising amnesty.”  Previous president reaffirmed policy letting children stay a while
  6. (MOSTLY FALSE) Says Barack Obama broke a decades-old policy of “not negotiating with terrorists.”   They say they don’t, but they do
  7. (MOSTLY FALSE) The Obama administration spent “$205,075 in ‘stimulus’ funds to relocate a shrub that sells for $16.”  Local toll dollars spent on move
  8. (FALSE) Says President Barack Obama “is the first president we’ve ever had who thinks he can choose which laws to enforce and which laws to ignore.”  There’s a long history of pushing the envelope
  9. (MOSTLY FALSE) “Under President (George W.) Bush, prosecution of gun crimes was 30 percent higher than it is under President Obama.”  He cherry-picked his data
  10. (MOSTLY FALSE) “In the last four years, our economy has grown on average 0.9 percent a year.”  Growth is slow but not that slow
  11. (FALSE) “Virtually every person across this country has seen premiums going up and up and up” due to Obamacare.  Virtually, not even close to every person
  12. (MOSTLY FALSE) “Neville Chamberlain told the British people: ‘Accept the Nazis. Yes, they will dominate the continent of Europe, but that is not our problem. Let’s appease them. Why? Because it can’t be done. We cannot possibly stand against them.’”  Didn’t urge countrymen to uncle, didn’t say military couldn’t withstand
  13. (MOSTLY FALSE) “Every month, we get the reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics that say even more people have given up looking for work.”  Ups and downs
  14. (FALSE) “A strong bipartisan majority” in the House of Representatives “voted to defund Obamacare.”  Two Democratic votes out of 190 isn’t bipartisan
  15. (FALSE) UPS left 15,000 employees’ spouses “without health insurance” and told them to, “go on an exchange with no employer subsidy.”  Spouses only kicked off plan if they can get coverage in their own jobs
  16. (MOSTLY FALSE) Obamacare-caused paperwork will annually absorb 190 million hours or more–and Mount Rushmore could be built 1,547 times over “with the paperwork.”  Counts thousands of unexplained hours
  17. (MOSTLY FALSE) “According to a recent Congressional Budget Office report, under Obamacare, 7 million people will lose their employer-sponsored insurance.”  Multi-tiered forecast
  18. (FALSE) Says “President Obama just granted all of Congress an exception” to Obamacare.  Lawmakers will use new marketplaces
  19. (MOSTLY FALSE) The Senate immigration bill “has immediate legalization … and the border security is sometime in the future, and just like in 1986, it’s designed never to come into being.”  This time, Senate funds security up front
  20. (FALSE) “Expanding Medicaid will worsen health care options for the most vulnerable among us in Texas.”  A misreading of the studies
  21. (PANTS ON FIRESays the Democrats told the Catholic Church that they’ll use federal powers to shut down church charities and hospitals if the church doesn’t change its beliefs.  Hard to believe ’cause never happened
  22. (PANTS ON FIRESays Chuck Hagel’s nomination as defense secretary “has been publicly celebrated by the Iranian government.”  One man hoping
  23. (FALSE) Says “the jurisdictions with the strictest gun control laws, almost without exception … have the highest crime rates and the highest murder rates.”  Contradictions aren’t hard to find
  24. (FALSE) David Dewhurst “has never once cut one penny from the state budget.”   Sweepingly flawed
  25. (FALSE) “Did you know ObamaCare will cost nearly twice as much as initially expected — $1.8 TRILLION?”  9 percent isn’t nearly double
  26. (PANTS ON FIREDavid Dewhurst has a “record of promoting an income tax.”  One remark shortly reconsidered
  27. (PANTS ON FIRESays Barack Obama “began his presidency going on a worldwide apology tour.”  Kindling on an old fire

cruz image 16

If there is one thing re-assuring about Texas Senator Ted Cruz, it’s the more he speaks the worse he gets.  Now I’m the first person that believes in everyone’s right to free speech and will defend it to the death.  In fact, I hope Ted Cruz talks himself right into the dust bin of history!  Originally, I had planned to entitle this blog “…Sen. Cruz Would You Kindly Shut The Hell Up!”  However, the more I thought about it, that would only give this idiot more ammunition.  Frankly, my only concern is that xenophobic, power hungry cretins like Cruz invariably shroud themselves in nationalistic patriotic rhetoric that beguiles voters into trusting them.  Texas is a perfect example.

cruz image 7

Texas has become so Red that the rest of America sees all Texans as gun totting, red neck ignoramuses who can’t see any farther than the noses on their faces.  Now, I’ll admit from the start that I’m a transplant from Louisiana since 1991.  Trust me when I say that having been born, raised and worked on numerous Louisiana political campaigns Ted Cruz is no better than Huey Long or our notoriously crooked ex-governor Edwin Edwards.  I’m not suggesting that Cruz is crooked, but he definitely touts the same populist rhetoric that engendered my home state with the political nick name “America’s Banana Republic!”  Louisiana was just the opposite…bluer than the Gulf of Mexico.  American voters, especially here in Texas, need to remember our parent’s advice “everything in moderation.”

cruz image 10

I’m very proud now to call myself a Texan and this proud state my home.  However, that same pride compels me to emphatically describe Senator Ted Cruz as the biggest embarrassment to Texas since the birth of stereotypical “Aggie jokes!”

America, not all Texans are buffoons like Ted Cruz!

cruz image 8

 On the contrary, Mr. Cruz is categorically the most comical and cartoonist exaggeration of what the average Texan is really like.  The scary reality is that this man claims to speak for ALL Texans…HE DOES NOT!  Texans are hard working, concerned, loyal and patriotic Americans who have the same hopes and fears as all Americans.  As a border state we naturally have deep seeded fears and concerns about the nation’s broken immigration system.  Not every Texan wears holstered guns or even cares to, despite the declarations of our staunchly conservative controlled legislature at the state capitol.  Just like the majority of Americans we believe in the 2nd Amendment but not to the point of lunacy.  Likewise, with an excellent education system and proven economy we’re not all a bunch of country bumpkins sitting on our rear ends swallowing every drop of snake oil being solicited by megalomaniacs like Ted Cruz.

cruz image 11

I think it’s vitally important to pull away the deceptive veil of Sen. Cruz’s highly self-serving divisive rhetoric and point to the unbiased truth of his statements.  Only then can Texans and indeed all Americans see him for what he is…a seething blow hard more concerned with his own personal political success than the well being of his constituents.

Politifact has examined 21 statements Cruz has made and they’ve found exactly one (about 5%) to be “True.”

Read more at:

(Author’s Note:  At the time of writing this post, had an additional number of Sen. Cruz’s remarks they had reviewed since the above article was written)

cruz image 14

Now to be perfectly transparent, the above quote comes from a particularly biased liberal website.  However, the research  to support its allegations (as outlined at the beginning of this blog post) comes from, as I noted before, the well respected non-partisan fact checking  So let’s just review the facts.  Politifact reports that of the 21 statements they reviewed from the notorious Texas Senator, the 1 that was accurate was “That our government has the right to regulate toilet seats.”  That’s definitely vital information every American needs to know considering the “john” is where much of Cruz’s hogwash belongs!  According to this article in, “Also, of his 21 statements Politifact has fact-checked, only three were found to be ‘Mostly True.’  By the way, all three related to his campaign against David Dewhurst during his primary battle in Texas. He also has four statements that were rated as ‘Half Truth.’  None of the four related to Obamacare. So that leaves 13 of his 21 comments (about 62%) Politifact has fact-checked have received ratings anywhere between ‘Mostly False’ to flat-out ‘Pants on Fire.’”

cruz image 1For those of you that have bothered to read this far, you’re probably wondering why I’ve chosen to write this blistering tirade and why it’s even remotely important.  The simple truth is that as someone who has dedicated his life to supporting noble causes, worthy candidates for public office and doing my utmost to being a patriotic informed American citizen I can no longer sit idly by and keep silent.  In my humble opinion, Ted Cruz is an opportunistic politician who panders to an extremely vocal minority and fuels the fires of division.  His vitriolic fear mongering demeans the nobility of the office of U.S. Senator and not only embarrasses the state of Texas but insults every Texan by hogging the national attention as a supposed spokesperson for what this proud state stands for.  Furthermore, since this man is seriously being promoted as a 2016 presidential contender, I strongly believe it is my patriotic moral imperative to spread the word about this wolf in sheep’s clothing.

cruz image 6

I’ll repeat.  In the end my point is this…Mr. Cruz, AMERICA NEEDS LEADERS NOT DIVIDERS!  If you can do nothing but spread disinformation, spew vitriolic rhetoric and capitalize on the fears of Americans desperately seeking solutions to advance your own opportunistic ambitions then Delta is ready when you are and I’ll help you pack!

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tax the poor

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While the bottom fifth of earners pay more than 10 percent of their income in state and local taxes, the top 1 percent pays closer to 5 percent, the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy estimates’.

  • Taxing the top fifth of earners at the same rate as the middle class would bring in $200.5 billion to state and local coffers, the report says’.
  • ‘Taxing just the top 1 percent at the same rate as the middle class would bring in $88.5 billion, 10 times the amount needed to restore five years’ worth of cuts to higher education’.

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How long would we as humans, dominate or even be around…..

Hence the name ‘The Last Of The millenniums.’

My own thoughts have always gone along the line that the wealthy would hoard food and water and thus put the poor and non wealthy on the bottom of the ‘food chain’, slowly killing them off.

At some point, the few remaining wealthy, would begin a fight among themselves for the remaining food and water and kill the rest of humanity off.

What would be left are small, isolated ‘tribes’ for lack of a better term, that combined ancient survival skills that led our long distant ancestors out of Africa, combined with necessary modern day survival technology that managed to grow ‘safe’ food and produce ‘clean water to survive.

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Message to America’s Youth…POLITICS DOES AFFECT YOU and Why You Should Give a Damn!

Originally posted from

image of kayley mueller


image of 3 NC Muslim students killed

Many years ago when I was still in college, a local public high school invited me to give a series of class presentations entitled “How Does History and Politics Affect Me?”  Over the years this same question continues to plague our nation’s young people.  Perhaps even more so today, the question arises “Why should I give a damn?”  Washington dysfunction, partisan polarization,  lack luster economic prospects for their age demographic and an endless parade of crises feed the generational angst that they have no power to change what seems to be a hopeless future.  There is no doubt that the images above strike a chord in the hearts and minds of young people today…”Why bother—look at what happens to people our age who try to make a difference!”

soulless children image 3

With today’s 24 hour news cycle and a boundless access to the internet, the youth of today are literally bombarded by images of what’s wrong with the world.  Compounding that narrative of a world gone completely to “hell in a hand basket,” there is another void of credible heroes that they can look up to for guidance, wisdom and a vision that promises a better tomorrow they want to part of.  Every promise of a better tomorrow seems like a load of BS as far as they’re concerned.  Claims that a good education combined with hard work fall dramatically short in the face of rising costs for that education and fewer decent paying jobs that offer a reasonable shot at achieving the “American Dream” they’ve been promised.  Their American Dream has truly become the “American Scream!”



soulless children image 1

Our leaders squabble rather than lead, our society stresses it’s more important “to yearn to earn than yearn to learn,” and we’ve shifted the burden of properly raising our children so many times between home/school/the village that no one has any sense of personal responsibility to address the hopes and fears of an increasingly soulless generation.  Everyone plays the blame game…it’s the parent’s fault; it’s the teacher’s fault; it’s the politician’s fault.  Young people today are left to flounder on their own.  IT’S ALL OUR FAULTS!


While we’re so busy trying to blame someone else, the lambs fall prey to wolves in sheep’s clothing like ISIS, Al Qaeda, white supremacists, etc…  After over a decade of one school shooting after another, young men and women being sent off to war fighting for what we taught them to believe in there is an endless plethora of excuses that completely fails to meet their needs for an answer to the big question…WHY?

Misguided Youth8

Yet we sit in wonder and amazement that young people today turn to the escapism technology provides them through cell phones, Ipads, video games and the increasingly dehumanizing ability to lash out in ways they mistakenly think is anonymity.  Technology has made the pain and drudgery of using their hearts and minds to feel or truly experience life’s lessons a simple act of futility.  In our noble or valiant crusade to make life easier on future generations, we’ve deprived them of their humanity by providing easy ways out.

hopeless youth

Fallacies like every child’s a winner, or the world owes you something, or failing to teach them that everything has consequences sets everyone of them up for the cold hard truth that life isn’t easy.  The day will definitely come that knocks them on their butts and rocks their world.  Then we are totally surprised when they react negatively if not violently to the reality of a life that we lied about all along by giving them a false sense of security.   We did not prepare them and arm them with the tools they need emotionally, mentally and psychologically to cope.

hope quote 2

There is always hope.  Like every generation before, human beings have the awesome capacity to learn from their mistakes and/or the inevitable lessons life throws their way.  It’s basic evolution…you either learn and adapt or you perish.  Today’s generation of task masters has the opportunity to reverse the trend before our self-inflicted dependency on technology overtakes us and becomes our master rather than our partner.

What may you ask has all of this got to do with politics and why young people should give a damn? It’s simple.  The youth of today are screaming for proper guidance and direction.  They are searching in vain for answers and solutions that demonstrate they have a stake in the future and one that isn’t completely doomed to failure.  They need to be shown that the only road to a better future depends on them.  Rather than succumbing to the self-defeatist mind set our generation has allowed to grow and blossom because we’ve dropped the ball, young people have to be shown that the future really is up to them.  They can have a real voice on their own future through politics.

images of Malala yousuf zai

Survivors and champions for good like Malala Yousaf Zai refuse to accept the present as the sole determination of their future.  Her young voice has been heard around the world and proves that young people do make a difference!  If the generation of yesterday or today fails to live up to the promise they’ve made to tomorrow, then it is up to young people to make their own future.  One quote I heard recently fits…”Find what you believe in.  Plant your feet and stand for something!”  Violence is not the answer for change, it’s the last resort of those who have lost all hope.  As long as you’re alive today there is always hope for tomorrow.



What an Awesome Week!


In the past 10 days remarkable developments have occurred that hold great promise for 2015. Approximately 10 days ago Barnes and Noble accepted to have my 3rd book, Political Craps, placed on the shelves of their retail book store outlets. The following day I was deeply honored to be a guest on Singapore’s #1 radio talk show, “Carry On Harry,” to discuss the key elements, inspiration behind and intended purposes of Political Craps. Thanks to that interview, the host Harry Johal has created a landing page for followers to visit (

Last Monday my good friend and neighbor, Robby Kaler, informed me that his English teacher had quoted my 1st book, Adversity Builds Character 1st Edition, in his class. After contacting the instructor he explained that it was his intention to use the book as a primary example of inspirational and persuasive writing. Plans are underway for a possible guest speaking engagement at the Winfree Academy North Richland Hills, TX campus (

Then on Wednesday of last week Page Publishing’s ( Review Board approved Adversity Builds Character 2nd Edition print versions to be published. As a standard non-vanity press publishing house, Page Publishing’s agreement to offer a publishing contract solidify’s my credibility as a viable and notable author.

Finally, progress is underway for several possible book signing events in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex area at several Barnes and Noble outlets. Combined with my recent initiations of memberships in the DFW Foreign Affairs Council and the American University’s Master’s Program for International Relations, the extensive groundwork is being laid for a position as a truly accepted and competent political commentator. These developments only further enhance my previous achievements as a guest political commentator on the weekly radio pod cast The Lean Freak Show ( and the possible inclusion as a showcased author at the 2015 Texas Tribune Book Festival (