How far we’ve come or “Welcome Back McCarthy”

Perfectly said and incredibly written. After reading this one post I immediately became a Follower. DEFINITELY A MUST READ!

The Valeyard

A little background information:  John McCain on CodePink

First a little background information (for those of you who passed 5th grade civics class I apologize for the review; it’s more for our illustrious representatives):  The opening to the founding document and the highest law in the land begins with “We the People,” includes numerations of rights assured to the people (including Freedom of Speech and Expression), and has been interpreted by one of our greatest Presidents as meaning a nation, “for the People, by the People, and of the People.”  Even our Declaration of Independence describes the fundamental principles on which liberty is founded and includes, in part, a description of legitimate government as being, “Government by consent of the governed,” and assures us of the right to alter or abolish any unjust government that has become so oppressive as to be tyrannical in nature and practice.  Above all…

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