Blog Running – ‘Twelve risks that could destroy humankind’

The Last Of The Millenniums


3 years ago when I begin this blog, this concept was why I started it.

How long would we as humans, dominate or even be around…..

Hence the name ‘The Last Of The millenniums.’

My own thoughts have always gone along the line that the wealthy would hoard food and water and thus put the poor and non wealthy on the bottom of the ‘food chain’, slowly killing them off.

At some point, the few remaining wealthy, would begin a fight among themselves for the remaining food and water and kill the rest of humanity off.

What would be left are small, isolated ‘tribes’ for lack of a better term, that combined ancient survival skills that led our long distant ancestors out of Africa, combined with necessary modern day survival technology that managed to grow ‘safe’ food and produce ‘clean water to survive.

Then the question would be will our…

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