Dallas Barnes and Noble Book Signing of Political Craps Successful

BN July 11 2015 PC book signing 4

Saturday’s book signing of Political Craps was pretty successful.  Several former classmates from grade school & high school and a few literary colleagues stopped by, met some new readers who picked up copies of the book and several more were inspired to take my promo materials and promised to check out my works on Amazon.

BN July 11 2015 PC book signing 3

The staff at Preston Royal Shopping Center Barnes and Noble were extremely helpful and extended invitation to return after 2016 political campaign picks up steam.  My friends Helen & Michael Brooks were instrumental in creating an impressive table impression.  It certainly set the trend for future Barnes and Noble events planned in Austin, TX for August and Fort Worth, TX for September.

BN Dallas July 11 2015 PC book signing

I am very proud of the support that friends, colleagues as well as Barnes and Noble have given me and Political Craps.  Now that the book has received national shelf placement at BN it is my hope that it will receive greater acclaim and provide invaluable information to the voters for 2016.  Plans are in the works for a 2nd edition with added material on international relations and strategic defense topics that are becoming increasingly more relevant for the 2016 election cycle.


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